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yellow button heart cover


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We have exciting news!  We need your help to choose the cover of Donald’s brand new book!   Don sends his greetings.  He explained, ” After the birth of my daughter’s first baby six months ago, I started writing and working on a little book to celebrate. It is for children, parents, grandparents and families everywhere!”

blue button heart cover

The book will measure 6 inches by 6 inches.  It will initially be published as a paperback but will be followed by a board book.  It should be available from Amazon in time for the holidays.


blue sea glass heart cover

We came up with two lovely covers – one with a button heart and the other with a sea glass heart – but we cannot decide.  So please tell us which one you prefer and vote below.  Your comments would be much appreciated. Please also forward this post to your friends and family so they can vote too!


dragonfly page

Please visit Donald Verger Photography on Amazon. There are many offerings for the holidays!

Donald Verger Art Calendars

It’s a family affair on Etsy!  First Donald opened his Etsy store.  Now his partner, Lois Kenny also has one.  Lois’ store is called the Bumbleweed Shop.  Lois sells vintage pieces, handcrafted itemas as well as upcycled pieces.   Shown here are a couple of examples from her store such as this vintage LL Bean 85% wool sweater.

bumbleweed LL Bean vintage sweater

Lois is also fond of beautiful handmade items like this classic 1970’s baby afghan crocheted in rainbow colors.

bumbleweed baby afghan

The love of vintage pieces is clearly inherited as Lois’s daughter, Stacey Chan, also has an Etsy store called Sea Glass Gifties. There are handcrafted shadow box featuring sea glass pictures as well as a number of vintage paint by numbers paintings.

seaglass gifties _shadow box 1

seaglass_gifties dog painting

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald has an awesome collection of sea glass book, calendar and poster, all of which are bestsellers.  So if you are in the mood to get your gift shopping underway, now is a good time!  These are all on sale!  His Of Love and Sea Glass book is a wonderful gift for close friends and family, not just for Christmas but for all occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.  Or simply a wordless way to say how much you love someone!


book cover

Sea Glass Book



There is also a sea glass heart poster available which originally appeared  in the book.

sea glass heart poster


Did you know Donald has 2 sea glass birthday calendars?  Both are gorgeous and will make great stocking gifts later this year.  This one is his first sea glass calendar:


sea glass bd 1

And this is the second one :

sea glass bd 2

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Did you know we are celebrating Christmas in July? That’s because we are having a HUGE sale of many great Donald Verger calendars.  We are having an inventory clear out so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to do some early shopping.   For example the gorgeous Rose birthday calendar is now reduced to $5.95!  These calendars will make easy stocking stuffers for many on your list!



Another great suggestion is the  dramatic Storms birthday calendar.


The  Butterfly birthday calendar is also another great steal at $5.95.



There is also a sweet deal for his Sea Glass Heart Poster.

sea glass heart poster


His best selling Of Love and Sea Glass book is less than half price too!  Check them all out!

book cover


Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Donald Verger Art Calendars

It’s amazing where Donald’s work ends up in the far corners of the US.   Some interesting placenames for sure!  For instance his bestselling book, Of Love and Seaglass: Inspirational Quotes and Treasures from the Sea  travelled all the way to :

Wyomissing, PA

American Fork, UT

Brick, NJ


His ever popular calendars and sea glass heart poster went out to places with delightfully named towns which makes you wonder how they got their monikers. Some are obvious. Others one can only guess at.

Sister Bay, WI

Gig Harbor, WA  (sea glass beach glass)

La Canada, CA

Prince George, VA

East Yaphank, NY

Mashpee, MA

Zionsville, IN

His calendars and books are being enjoyed in big and small places!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Most of us drink coffee or tea so mugs are surely a staple in the kitchen.  So what would make a perfect gift but a special art photo by Donald Verger?  Something to appreciate twice over while sipping a favorite cup of java. These beautiful mugs are currently on sale!

The familiar sea glass mug above is the companion mug to his very special  bestselling Of Love &  Sea Glass : Inspirational Quotes and Treasures from the Sea  giftbook.  This mug makes a beautiful pairing with the book.

There are other sea glass designer mugs by this master photographer.

Other mugs feature some of the most beloved of his landscape and nature photographs.   They are all currently on sale for just $12.95.  Isn’t it hard to pick a favorite?

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.


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