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Donald Verger Art Calendars

It’s a family affair on Etsy!  First Donald opened his Etsy store.  Now his partner, Lois Kenny also has one.  Lois’ store is called the Bumbleweed Shop.  Lois sells vintage pieces, handcrafted itemas as well as upcycled pieces.   Shown here are a couple of examples from her store such as this vintage LL Bean 85% wool sweater.

bumbleweed LL Bean vintage sweater

Lois is also fond of beautiful handmade items like this classic 1970’s baby afghan crocheted in rainbow colors.

bumbleweed baby afghan

The love of vintage pieces is clearly inherited as Lois’s daughter, Stacey Chan, also has an Etsy store called Sea Glass Gifties. There are handcrafted shadow box featuring sea glass pictures as well as a number of vintage paint by numbers paintings.

seaglass gifties _shadow box 1

seaglass_gifties dog painting

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

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