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Valentine’s Day is not far off! These are Donald’s new Valentine’s Day cards for children of all ages. You can stretch the age all the way up to adults too. It features a stunning photograph of real and rare sea glass. Red sea glass is very uncommon!


Valentine’s Day Cards

These cards measure 3 x 3 inches – perfectly sized for little hands. They come in a pack of 30.


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Remember the new sea glass note card set? They climbed up to no. 1 rank on Amazon recently! So they are a hit for Valentine’s Day. They caught people’s attention as they make really elegant all occasion gifts.

sea glass non heart note cards

If it’s hearts you like,  please check out Donald’s other sea glass heart note cards!

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You don’t have to be a sea glass fan to really love Donald’s beautiful sea glass post cards! His sea glass work is now available as note cards due to popular demand! Check them out over here.

sea glass non heart note cards

The elegant note cards show lovely peaceful arrangements of all colors of sea glass together with flowers or sea glass. These cards are perfect to have on hand to use as birthday cards, as classy love notes or simply to send warm sentiments to someone special. The collection also make great gifts!

notecards 2

The sea glass note cards come as a set of 10 – 2 note cards per design.

notecards 3

notecards 4

notecards 5

notecards 1

notecards 1


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Donald is busy working on his latest note cards – beautiful sunflowers! He hopes to add them to his growing collection of note cards and postcard sets.  They’re bold and cheerful and will surely brighten someone’s day!

orange or green envelopes

But we need your help.  Which color envelopes should we offer?  The orange, gold or green? Please vote in the poll below and tell us which you prefer.  Tell us why in the comments.  Thank you!

orange or green envelopes 2

These photographs were taken at the Local 188 restaurant in Portland, Maine.

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