It’s never too early! Donald’s  2017 one page calendars are now out by popular demand. This beautiful set features some of his iconic and most beloved photographs.  These include his very special  Spirit, hydrangeas, sea glass, Jenne Farm, Maine lighthouses and Yosemite.

The beautiful landscapes in particular evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness.  What a lovely way to be able to see the year ahead!

As with all Donald Verger Photography products, these calendars are printed in Maine, USA ; FSC sustainably printed on top quality 120 lb cover stock paper.


Sometimes a wonderful heartwarming story comes along our way and we have to share! Jennifer Clancy, who works with ALLE Learning, wrote to tell us what one of their elder communities, the Fellowship Square Mesa,  did for a recent service project. This senior adult group had decided they wanted to do something for the veterans at the Phoenix VA Hospital. She explained, “They decided on Valentine Day boxes filled with useful and not so useful stuff (i.e. candy).” Donald’s American Flag postcards was placed in each box. The photo below shows the group after their boxes were finished!

FSQ VA Boxes  veteran ALLE

Jennifer explained further, “These communities come in many forms; independent living, assisted living, health centers, senior day care centers or long term care facilities. We work with all residents regardless of their physical or mental state.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, my mother moved to an assisted living community. She lived there about five years before passing away. I was thankful that she was safe and had access to exercise and other wellness activities but soon discovered that there was very little on the monthly calendar for her mind or brain. I began ALLE Learning as a volunteer so that my mother would have access to book studies, presentations on interesting topics that were age appropriate and reinforcement projects. As communities began to hear about our efforts we began to teach our classes at other communities.

Fellowship Square Mesa is one of those communities. We meet with a group of 25 residents every Saturday afternoon for a two hour class. The residents in the photo are from this class. Every quarter they choose to do a service project and since we are also teaching our classes at the VA Hospital we thought it would be a great way to bring the two together. Our participants at the VA are in the palliative care and hospice unit. They are men and women who have served our country (as have many of our class participants). The residents wrote letters and cards and filled the boxes with all sorts of treats. We delivered 40 boxes.

As a way of scaling our efforts of providing lifelong learning to every senior adult living community in the U.S. we launched  ALLE Online.  Our mission is simple, we believe that learning is for everyone. Research is showing that we are on the right track; having a healthy mind and brain requires learning new things, not just playing brain games. By providing high-quality, affordable learning materials, every community can implement a lifelong learning program for all residents.”

The American flag is available as postcards or note cards with matching envelopes. This beautiful patriotic image also comes as a 11 x 14″ art poster print.

american flag note cards

american flag postcards

Remember the new sea glass note card set? They climbed up to no. 1 rank on Amazon recently! So they are a hit for Valentine’s Day. They caught people’s attention as they make really elegant all occasion gifts.

sea glass non heart note cards

If it’s hearts you like,  please check out Donald’s other sea glass heart note cards!

You don’t have to be a sea glass fan to really love Donald’s beautiful sea glass post cards! His sea glass work is now available as note cards due to popular demand! Check them out over here.

sea glass non heart note cards

The elegant note cards show lovely peaceful arrangements of all colors of sea glass together with flowers or sea glass. These cards are perfect to have on hand to use as birthday cards, as classy love notes or simply to send warm sentiments to someone special. The collection also make great gifts!

notecards 2

The sea glass note cards come as a set of 10 – 2 note cards per design.

notecards 3

notecards 4

notecards 5

notecards 1

notecards 1


We are really excited! Donald’s beautiful new  flower heart postcard prints are now out – just in time for Valentine’s Day!  These floral prints – a collaborative project with stellar designers- are so unique and wonderful at expressing loving sentiments for that special day and more.  The gorgeous red, pink and white roses are particularly romantic!



flower heart postcards


These certainly have been a great hit with many.  So much so the postcard set has recently made it to No. 2 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list!

Purchase them by clicking here.


These lovely Love and Peace postcards are new!  The beautiful red rose arrangements express heartfelt and timeless sentiments. It is  a wonderful addition to Donald’s floral collection.

love and peace postcards

These postcards do not need envelopes.  They can be sent as invitations, birthday greetings and as thank you notes. Perhaps as little love notes?  A great idea for Valentine’s Day!

love postcards

The 10 pack consists of 5 of each of the 2 designs.What’s more, these postcards can also fit 4 x 6 ” photo frames. So they can displayed on desks and walls.

peace postcards

love and peace postcards back


Donald’s beautiful range of heart posters are very popular as the images portray loving sentiment so well.  But 3 of them are the most beloved of his heart poster collection.   His original sea glass heart poster is hands down the most popular of them all.  It’s not hard to see why from the wonderful feedback we have received.

“I ordered this poster for my office; the colors are gorgeous and I love the peaceful feeling it evokes. A “must have” for anyone who loves beach glass!” – PegE

original heart poster

“My favorite poster. The sea glass reminds me of all my visits to the beach. I have bought several for my friends and family. It is perfect for any room in your home or office!” Virginia D.

The rare blues and aqua sea glass  poster is another favorite. It’s not only the heartwarming image but the colors which attract.

“I got this for my daughter’s 11th birthday. She absolutely loves it and we are painting her bedroom to match the gorgeous blue colors. What a fabulous find!!” – Melanie Walsh

rare aqua poster

“So beautiful! This is a gem…bringing feelings of love,the the tranquility of the beach and the ocean blue! Can’t wait to frame it and hang it in my bedroom!” – Marylu

People also love the tranquil colors of the Rain sea glass heart poster.

“I ordered 3 different Sea Glass Heart shaped Lithograph’s for my new daughter-in-law who loves sea glass. They arrived yesterday and they are so beautiful and the colors in them are more vibrant than I expected. I can’t wait to frame them and give them to her. “– Elaine Sarrgent

rain heart poster