Donald Verger Art Calendars

Every year, for the past 6 years, photographer Kate Funk, her black cat, AC and her friend and graphic designer, Brennan Groh have worked together creating their annual calendar. Not just any old calendar but the World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar.

katie funk wolf cat calendar

It features photographs of her cat in cosplay mode wearing outfits made by Kate herself. The backgrounds she uses are also handmade.

katie funk monster cat calendar

They work around an annual theme. Some previous themes include famous monsters, movies, and musical genres. AC looked like a handsome feline equivalent of Clint Eastwood in his cowboy outfit in the card version over at Kate’s Etsy store!

kate funk cat eastwood

The 2014 calendar is all about magical creatures. There are plenty of treats for AC who is a very willing model – most of the time. Shown below is the photo shoot for his unicorn costume.

katie funk cat calendar photography

There is also a video about their collaborative project over at Kickstarter. They need the extra help not only to fund a much larger print run but to showcase their work at the National Stationery Show in New York this May.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Petros Koublis is a Greek photographer who expresses his art form in an innovative manner. He says, “It’s both so strictly rational and so poetic.” His landscape pictures of a Grecian winter are indeed poetic.

petros koublis landscape photography 1

The pictures were taken less than 50 km outside the bustling metropolis of Athens.

petros koublis landscape photography 2

The pastoral scenes some with old trees, are ever so lightly tinged with icy frostings. Set against grey skies, the images look like they may have been painted.

petros koublis landscape photography 3

The cool beauty of his photographs do show in a way what Koublis was trying to capture. He says, “There is always something more, something beyond the actual photographic quality of an image.”  The essence of a place and time perhaps? And the boundless creativity of Mother Nature.

petros koublis landscape photography 4

petros koublis landscape photography 5


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Country walks are so relaxing. All that fresh air and pastoral scenery is good for the soul. They are also rewarding for any photographer. Here is a collection of Donald’s photographs featuring colorful window boxes in rural settings.

window box ballyvaughn Ireland

His sharp eyes spotted wonderful photographic opportunities. The one above was taken in Ballyvaughn, Ireland, where a pair of folding chairs were just as colorful as the flowers in the window box and the red window itself along a plain white wall.

window box big tree

He also liked the contrast of the window box with all the other elements like a huge old tree.  Or with the weathered whitewashed wall of a very old building.

window box on weathered wall

And what about a colorful cart too?

window box with cart

The photographs might just inspire gardeners to plant more window boxes and add interest in their gardens and houses. Perhaps call it a gardening tableau?

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

The Colombian branch of the World Wildlife Fund commemorated it’s 50th anniversary with an usual calendar. They say it is “the only calendar that lasts for life and generates life.” The project was a promotion for reforestation in that country.

one daily drop calendar

The calendar consists of a ceramic white plant container, a custom made measuring cylinder to dispense precise drops of water, a sliding glass calendar, tree seeds, soil and a pot.

The cylinder is filled with a month’s worth of water.  The drops are released by pressing on the special ball stopper at the top for 3 seconds.  This simple action is repeated daily so that the seeds germinate and grow into seedlings.  The months are manually marked by moving the indicator on the transparent perpetual calendar.

The one drop a day for life calendar is a cool way to remind us that every little act counts.

Watch the video and see how the calendar was made.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Timothy Corbin was born in Trinidad but now lives in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  His passion for landscape photography in particular is evident in the name of his website – In plain sight. He believes the places worth taking pictures of are “right in front of us” and not necessarily exotic locations.

timothy corbin_frozen tree photography 1

His striking pictures of frozen trees along the shores of Lake Ontario showcase his enormous talent for composition and light.

timothy corbin_frozen tree photography 2

Wave action and the continual freezing created the -like formation on the trees. The starkness of the winter scenes contrasted with the lovely hues of the sky. No wonder he called these pictures, “Fire and Ice” on Flickr.
timothy corbin_frozen tree photography 3

He is also interested in seascapes, cityscapes and cars!

timothy corbin_frozen tree photography 4


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald has outstanding calendars featuring lighthouses and storms.  An intrepid storm watcher, he managed to capture a storm front approaching Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick in Maine. That’s a two in in!

nubble lighthouse clouds

At a distance the storm clouds form an ominous backdrop to an otherwise sunny picture of the historic lighthouse.  The threatening weather is best seen in the closeup of the storm front.

nubble lighthouse stormfront

As it gets nearer the storm clouds look like they are about to engulf the lighthouse and its surrounding buildings.

nubble lighthouse clouds 2

Nubble Lighthouse became operational in 1879. It is located in a very windy spot, so bad and so cold that in the winter in the days before electricity, the oil stopped flowing to the incandescent oil vapor lamp. It must have been dramatic and desolate for the lighthouse keepers during winter storms.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Some of us like fiddling. It keeps our fingers busy and while away the time.  The Puzzle Calendar from Fireworks Gallery might just be the ticket for those who enjoy a little bit of DIY.  The plastic building blocks are like the popular children’s toy.  The user gets to put together a perpetual calendar.

building block calendar

There are enough day numbers for a whole month, days of the week and an assortment of special occasion blocks like birthday and holiday. The puzzle calendar allows the customization of each month according to the personal needs of the user. Not to mention, relive one’s happy childhood memories at the same time!


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Most of us enjoy taking holiday snapshots while on vacation.  Nothing too taxing.  A day on the beach, shopping in the local market and perhaps a few pictures of dinner out on the town. Professional Dutch photographer, Henny Boogert’s pictures however, are a case of extreme travel photography!

henny-boogert- photography 1

If there was a case for armchair travel,  then this is one where we can just relax and enjoy his talent for capturing “people moving, no glamor, with emphasis on the purity of the action and the emotions and facial expressions associated thereto.”

henny-boogert- photography 2

His ability to meld both his subjects and the natural environment in a dynamic way is remarkable.

henny-boogert-photography 3

henny-boogert-photography 5

henny-boogert-photography 4


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Beautiful Rolling Vistas

Donald Verger Art Calendars

One of the most rewarding things about driving through countryside, and especially a lovely state like Vermont, are the beautiful rolling vistas.  Donald enjoys his country drives and captured these gorgeous pictures. His calendars often feature scenes like this.

landscape 3

The undulating landscapes are trimmed with trees and  focused on the most iconic symbol of the countryside – farm houses and barns.  How much more idyllic can this get? Perhaps they remind you of happy childhood days spent in the country.  Looking at the pictures now certainly brings a sense of calm and an appreciation of nature.

landscape 2

The picture below was taken in Northeast Kingdom, Vermont near St Johnsbury.

landscape _north kingdom

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Not much of a talker? Well, here’s how you can relate to your friends and family how your day went – use the Emoticon Calendar! The How Was Your Day Life Calendar  by the Spanish design shop, Brigada Creativa , shows the whole year at a glance.  It also allows users to draw in the appropriate expressive face marking the day as very good, good, regular, bad or very bad!

emoticon calendar 1

Perhaps your nearest and dearest will have to give you a wide berth if your day went badly.  Or be glad when you find out that you are a really happy person at heart if most of the 365 days were positive ones!

emoticon calendar 2

The perpetual calendar is poster size (297 x 420mm)and costs approximately $13.70.


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

James Mollison is a photographer with an unusual interest. He is a primate enthusiast who photographs man’s closest relations up close.

james mollison ape collection 1

How did he get his inspiration? He said, “While watching a nature program on primates I was struck by their facial similarity to our own. Humans are clearly different to animals, but the great apes inhabit that grey area between man and animal.”

james mollison ape collection 2

That is so true. His  Ape Project captures passport style portraits of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. They show a wide range of expressions that we can relate to – cuteness, indifference and maybe a sneer or two!

james mollison ape collection 3

He did not take photographs of zoo animals but traveled instead to Central Africa and Indonesia.  His models were the orphans of the bush meat and live pet trade. The collection is thus all the more powerful for highlighting the plight of these wonderful creatures.


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald photographs many lighthouses but his favorite has to be the historic Portland Head Light in Maine near where he lives. Over the years, he has captured the lighthouse in a series of stunning photographs portraying it in different lights and moods.

portland head light tranquility


The lighthouse on Cape Elizabeth was built in 1791 and is thus the oldest lighthouse in Maine. The lighthouse is no longer manned but is still operational with automated systems. The US Coast Guard maintains the tower, beacon and the foghorn but the rest of the property is the responsibility of the town of Cape Elizabeth.

portland headlight morning magic clouds

“Morning Magic”

The existing lighthouse keepers’ quarters was built in 1891 and served as a dwelling for the staff right up to 1989. The building is now a museum.

portland head light after the storm

“After The Storm”

The lighthouse has seen a lot of storms over the years, with the one in 1975 damaging the whistle house. But apart from that, this solid beacon has stood largely unchanged for over 200 years.

portland headlight sunrise or sunset


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Many of us carry around clocks and calendars on our smartphones and tablets.  They are handy. However,  the Chameleon Clock makes this utility much more fun for iPhone and iPad users.

chameleon clock garden

As the name suggests, the app takes advantage of the devices’ back facing cameras to produce a see-through effect. A wonderful way to display time indeed if you have a lovely background for the app to “copy”.

chameleon-clock 1

If there isn’t anything worthwhile to see through to, the app allows the user to take the color of your background and use it as the screen picture.  The app was developed by Netwalk and costs $0.99 in the iTunes store.

chameleon-clock 4

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Picturesque Old Windows

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald travels a lot in search of great photographs. These picturesque shots also include what might seem like forgettable subjects – the windows of abandoned or very old buildings.  It’s a visual commentary of what happens to unloved and uncared for structures.


Yet, he manages to capture unique profiles of the windows. The brick repair job above frames an old boarded up window adding great visual interest to the photograph.


Wooden siding mellows greatly with age. The passage of time is evident in Donald’s pictures. The sagging double windows above  suggest the building is not far from collapse.  The ragged wooden siding in the old building below seems much more tattered in a snow fall.

window_faded wood siding

It makes one wonder about the history of each building and who were the people who once looked out of these windows!

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Feathered Focus

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald really loves photographing nature and that includes birds!  This feathered focus requires a great deal of patience simply because birds are not willing models.  They are often moving about so getting the “pose” right is difficult.  Sudden movements on the part of the photographer will cause them to take flight.  So careful stalking is required.

bird 1

The reward is a stunning photograph as shown above with the feathered subject perfectly framed by branches and equally perfect lighting.

We never know the discomfit photographers go through just to get a great shot. Donald said that the image below was taken sitting on his butt with his hands braced on his knees. This raw untouched picture certainly captured the breeze ruffling the feathers of the bird!

bird 2

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The Date Ruler

Donald Verger Art Calendars
Perhaps some of you shared Donald’s enthusiasm for the previous ruler and perpetual calendar combination featured on this blog. It is a clever dual purpose creation. Well, here is another!

ruler with intergrated perpetual calendar

This is classic stainless steel ruler was designed by André Klauser of Germany.  The markings are conventional ones you’d see in many rulers.  Metric down one side and imperial units the other.  The centimeter markings go up to 31 cm and there are 12 inches.  Two magnetic circles are used to mark the appropriate dates.  The circles come in either  mint and pink or black and white sets.

ruler with intergrated perpetual calendar 2

Now you can measure AND keep track of the dates!


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Winter is not a favorite season for many people.  That’s probably why there are so many “snowbirds” who fly south to warm places like Florida and Arizona to wait out the winter.  But there is beauty in winter. There is perhaps nothing lovelier than bare trees with snow and ice on them casting a silhouette against the sky.

winter crabapple trees

Donald captures many such scenes despite being out there in the cold! Some of the photographs appear in his calendars  Better for us to enjoy in the warm!

winter trees 2

His Jenne Farm Year at a Glance calendar as well as the Jenne Farm Perpetual calendar feature wintery landscapes right on the cover!  The bare trees provide a vivid contrast against the white. The photographs certainly do encourage us to look at winter differently.

Jenne farm year at a glance

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Remember the character Cogsworth in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”?  His gift suggestions for the Beast was, “Flowers, chocolates and promises you don’t intend to keep!”   But there is one more, far more practical and lasting – a gift of a sentimental calendar.


Donald has several calendars which are appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  The floral ones such as the Rose perpetual calendar are perfect substitutes for bouquets!

Then there is his lovely sea glass hearts Year at a Glance calendar.

valentine's heart sea glass calendar

Yet another lovely suggestion is the Put your Ear to the Sky and Listen My Darling, Everything Whispers I Love You Year at a Glance Calendar.

Put your ear to the sky

These are all wonderful ways to tell someone you love them.  Each time they look at the calendars, they will remember you.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

A sweater that’s frayed will unravel. Not a good thing. However, many of us are secretly curious and we will pull on a yarn end to see what happens!

knitted calendar 1

Patrick Frey integrated that curiosity with his creation, the Gregor Unravelling Knitted Calendar Scarf  created for 2011. Much like the tearing off of a daily calendar’s pages, his knitted calendar is designed to be unraveled one day at a time.

knitted calendar 2

The scarf is not really meant to be worn although that is an option if you didn’t unravel it!  It comes with a wooden hanger.

knitted calendar 3


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Of Fogs and Mists

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Taking great pictures is not always about taking them in perfect sunlit conditions.  Scenes photographed in fog and mist can be very effective indeed as shown by Donald’s pictures of some New England locations. Low lying clouds can effectively help set the picture’s mood and atmosphere.

eaton church NH 1

The shrouds of fog and mist enveloping this little white church in Eaton, New Hampshire appear as if it had been added by a celestial painter.

fishing boats

The colorful fishing boats at Acadia National Park are in sharp contrast to the light backgrounds.

st John's academy vermont

This rural Vermont scene is definitely far more interesting in the half-light rather than in full daylight.  It’s one of Donald’s favorite pictures.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald’s first calendar giveaway was a success!  Many of you took the time to enter and left wonderful remarks.  Most were very fond of his photography and his Storms calendar but some also singled out some of his other calendars such as the  Sea Glass, Flowers, Gardens  as favorites.

storms calendar cover small

The giveaway contest has closed.  All the entrants were given a number.  We then used a random number generator to pick the 3 lucky winners. They were :

Jennifer Fitzpatrick



Your calendars will soon be “storming” to your door!

Thanks everyone for taking part!

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

We often think of calendars as something to put up on the wall for reference and to admire if they are beautiful ones.  They are thus static and usually just have one function – marking dates.  But the creativity of Sebastien Bergne knows no bounds.  He came up with an interactive perpetual calendar which also functions as a ruler!

perpetual calendar ruler

This French designer’s  Monthly Measure (€35) is a solid beechwood ruler with grooves spaced 1 cm apart.  The user has to roll the star along to get to the right date.  The star itself has the initials of the days of the week  – English on one side and French on the other.  Neato!

perpetual calendar ruler 2


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Donald Verger Art Calendars
One of Donald’s most favorite places is Vermont.  He recently enjoyed a trip to Woodstock, a tiny town with a population of some 3000 people.  As usual, he had his camera on hand!  He photographed this picturesque town as a winter wonderland.

vermont inn

It’s easy to see why Donald loves this area.  The historic town has a rural 19th century look.  Much of the preservation of the character of the town is due to support from the Rockerfellers.  It is still a very pretty town and is a tourist magnet.

The photograph above shows a panoramic view of the inn where they stayed. Snow was just starting to fall when this picture was taken.  The dark brown  of the building and the trees against white snow makes a startling contrast.

vermont winter barn 1

That little bit of snow on the wreath makes a charming welcome.

vermont inn wreath

He also visited Billings Farm and Museum which includes a working dairy farm.

billings Farm

He then visited Woodstock History Center when the weather cleared up!  All in all a relaxing and creative retreat!

woodstock center

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Donald Verger Art Calendars
Donald’s flower calendars are very popular.  His hydrangea ones especially so. So if you adore flowers, you’ll be pleased to know that the Hydrangeas calendar has been reprinted and is back in stock! It’s on sale too!


It features different colored hydrangeas. You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy it!  By the way 6 of Donald Verger calendars are now in Amazon’s top 100 calendars out of a field of 12,000!


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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald’s popular 2013 Storms calendars is among the six from his current collection that made it into Amazon’s top 100 calendars recently.  The dramatic weather pictures really appeal to those who admire the power of Mother Nature.   If you haven’t yet got hold on one, here is a super chance.  3 of his Storms calendars will soon be “storming” over to 3 lucky winners!

storms calendar cover small

Here is what you can do to enter in this first ever giveaway.  Just leave a comment here and tell us which is your favorite Donald Verger calendar.  Be sure to add your name.  If you’d like more chances, then spread the word about this giveaway in your favorite social media haunt or blog.  Please say so in the comments.

The giveaway will close on  Monday January 14, 2013.  3 winners will be randomly selected after that.  Good luck!

storms calendar back page

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Donald Verger Art Calendars
Photographs of partially dressed or nude models are what Pirelli calendars are best known for.  But times change.  The tyre company decided to go with a more socially engaged 2013 calendar which feature fully clothed models known for their humanitarian causes and ordinary people from the streets of Rio de Janeiro.  Their choice of photographer was also unusual.

steve mccurry pirelli calendar 2013_1

Rather than pick a fashion photographer, they chose Steve McCurry, one of the world’s most famous war photographers. One of his best known  pictures is that of a 13 year old Pashtun girl with haunting green eyes. He photographed the young Afghan orphan back in the 1980’s during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Karlie Kloss pirelli calendar steve mccurry

He said in this article, “You can photograph nudes anywhere. But these models are clothed, and each of them has her own charity. They are purposeful and idealistic people. So I wanted to photograph them in a special place, and Rio was perfect for this.”

The calendar pictures alternate between those of well known celebrities with others which brilliantly capture the spirit of this dynamic city.  His years of experience as a “street photographer” is particularly telling with his images of a young fruit and vegetable seller, energetic capoeira masters, an art teacher, wall graffiti and other street scenes.

The stunning calendar is quite the departure for both McCurry and Pirelli.  It is not for sale.  Pirelli only prints a limited number to hand out to corporate clients and associates.


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Donald Verger Art Calendars
Laundry is probably not a favorite chore for a lot of people.  Hanging laundry even less so as modern conveniences such as dryers make it unnecessary.  However, many still do hang their washing on a line in their backyards.  It saves money using the sun and wind to dry the clothes.  But did you know washing lines can add glamor to back gardens?

washing line_socks

It takes an intrepid photographer like Donald to see the potential in drying laundry in a lovely garden setting. Shown here are some of his past pictures.

washing line_sunflowers

His ability to get the right camera angle and composition really adds to the loveliness of the pictures.  It’s also clear he loves color and patterns.  The chains of what must be swings, picket fences and even the rows of pegs must capture his attention.

washing line_chains

If you love his charming washing line photographs and wish to frame them for artwork on the wall, check out his 2012 calendar On The Line. There aren’t many left.

newfoundland washing line

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Donald Verger Art Calendars
Lighthouses belong to a bygone era when ships had to navigate dangerous rocky coastlines.  Those were the days before radar and satellite technology.  Those beacons of light were sometimes all that stood between life and death for the mariners.

2013 year at a glance lighthouse

Today,  many of the lighthouses have been decommissioned and some face neglect and demolition. Yet, these majestic reminders of the past are still celebrated through Donald’s pictures of lonely lighthouses.  Shown above is his Nubble Lighthouse Year at a Glance calendar.

We should perhaps also spare a thought for all the lighthouse keepers from the past who lived in isolation for much of the time.  Donald’s Bass Harbor Headlight Lighthouse Year at a Glance Calendar does add a touch of romanticism to what some people may perceive as an idyllic live style.  But in reality, life as a lighthouse keeper was anything but romantic!

2013 year at a glance lighthouse 2

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

There are all sorts of weather sites.  Then there is Uniqlo – a truly uniqueweather calendar site from a Japanese clothing brand.  It features tilt shift video photography where sped up miniaturized views of many Japanese landscapes abound.

tilt shift calendar

The site allows you to change the location and choose any seasons. As you can see above, the calendar setting was for yesterday in Portland, Maine where Donald lives.

tilt shift calendar 2

There are many city and country scenes presented along with a sometimes frantic soundtrack to match the rapidly changing pictures. The connection between the weather calendar and the clothing brand is not very clear. However, it is an innovative concept. It is also available for the iPhone and the iPad.

tilt shift calendar 3


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Stop to Smell the Flowers!

Donald Verger Art Calendars
There is an expression – stop and smell the roses! It’s so true life is so hurried these days, we rarely slow down to appreciate the small and beautiful things in nature.  The delicate furl of a flower’s petal, the way shadows form on a flower in bloom.  Little things which are there for us to enjoy.

yellow rose

Donald excels at taking nature photographs.  His ability to capture the details in a single flower or in a whole garden full is uncanny.

morning glory

His latest Gardens calendar is a delightful ode to flowers.  If we can’t quite smell the roses, we could at least see and appreciate beautiful pictures of flowers.


flower detail

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if you do, Donald and his team wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead!

snow wreath

Maybe some of you will be lucky and  have a white Christmas.  It just isn’t quite the same when there is no snow on the ground.  So in case you are missing the white stuff, enjoy a few of Donald’s wintery pictures!  His Jenne Farm Perpetual calendar features another beautiful winter photograph on the cover. Enjoy!



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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Perhaps some of us are creatures of habit.  Calendars on walls and desks are the norm for traditional folks.  But how about handy  dishtowels with calendars printed on them?  These are from Anthropologie.

dishtowel calendar 1

The all cotton dishtowels come in a set of 3 and will match just about any kitchen decor. Calendars are already functional items. So the dish drying part makes them doubly so!  Cooks will save time if they need to consult a calendar because it will literally be in their hands!

dishtowel calendar 2

These make perfect hostess gifts especially with the up and coming new year festivities!

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A Light of Hope in Every Storm

Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald’s Storms Calendar is one of the hottest selling calendars on Amazon.  No wonder, as the pictures do portray Mother Nature’s Power. It’s the strong combination of light and dark that sets the broody mood.


Donald takes many pictures of storms.  Some of his most effective pictures capture landscape features such as lighthouses shown in a much smaller scale compared to the sky laden with dark clouds.  A stunning example is the picture he took of a Maine lighthouse. He entitled it “A Small Light of Hope”.  Perhaps it is a metaphor – in the darkness, there is always a way home.

storm in darkness

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

This time of year is a difficult one for gardeners.  Indoor plants just don’t cut it when they would rather be pottering in the garden, coaxing plants to grow and bloom.


2013 Gardens Calendar

But there is one consolation.  Garden calendars!  The beautiful floral pictures in many of Donald’s calendars sure do brighten up homes and offices especially in the grey and gloom of winter. They bring not only joy to gardeners but also hope that spring will come soon enough and they will be outside again doing what they love best.


2013 Flowers Calendar

Garden and floral calendars probably also give gardeners inspiration. Pretty plantings against an old garden shed will make the area more attractive.  Perhaps plant flowers which draw butterflies?


Butterfly Cover Perpetual Calendar

One thing that’s certain – garden calendars are easy gifts for those with green thumbs!

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

It takes a whole team of people to produce top quality calendars. German Vogue’s 2013 calendar features the work of photographer Lado Alexi , stylist Dennis Blys, and makeup artist Natalie Franz. who  transformed pictures of models wearing sparkly Swarovski crystal jewelery into fashionable art.

2013 Swarovski Vogue calendar 1

The haute couture outfits and jewelry – several pieces were from Swarovski Crystallized set the mood for each horoscope month.  The styles varied from ultra modern to sulky temptress. Every stunning picture is unique and a testament to the creativity of the calendar team!

2013 swarovski calendar _2

Watch the  behind the scenes video of the making of the Vogue calendar :

For further pictures and detailed designer information, check out If It’s Hip, It’s Here.

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Barns for Country Lovers!

Donald Verger Art Calendars

You cannot get a more country sight than barns.  There is something so serene and pastoral about barns.  Perhaps deep down we wish to hark back to simpler times. Or perhaps it is just a hankering we have about rusticating somewhere!

Over the years, Donald has consistently featured barns in many of his calendars.  One beautiful example is his Jenne Farm Perpetual Calendar . The brightly hued barns contrast vividly with the snow.

donald verger jenne farm calendar

donald verger barn in winter

Another view of Jenne Farm in Winter

Donald travels widely to capture beautiful images of barns in all seasons. Here are more examples which display his uncanny ability to find the right subject and his eye for composition.

donald verger barn blue

donald verger barn pink flowers

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

We live in an age when so many things we use are made off shore.  So Donald is especially proud that all his calendars are totally made in America!  His calendars are produced in Maine where he lives.

wind turbines

Wind Turbines (Picture by Steve Fareham)

But Donald doesn’t just support local businesses, he also  picked an environmentally friendly printing company to produce al his calendars.  J.S. McCarthy Printers is a long standing and top quality printing company. Their environmental initiatives include using wind power for all their electrical needs!  The company doesn’t just use renewable energy, they are also committed to “produce and purchase products that meet the highest environmental standards.”  They are also certified with the Rainforest Alliance organization.

The calendars are richly hued. It is indeed heartening to know the inks used are made from non-hazardous vegetable based pigments. These also lower the environmental impact of the production process.   Beautiful photography and green printed!  A powerful combination indeed.

Rose Perpetual Calendar

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

What do Penelope Cruz, superstition and Campari have in common? Amazingly, a calendar!   The Italian alcoholic beverage company commissioned photographer Kristian Schuller to come up with series of sizzling hot pictures of the actress wearing gorgeous red dresses by top fashion houses such as Emilio Pucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.

penelope cruz campari_ january cats


Each month features a familiar superstition. Black cats, broken mirrors, 13, wearing hats and using umbrellas indoors are some of the superstitions.  What is also fun to spot, besides identifying the phobia, is the Campari drink somewhere in every photograph.

penelope cruz campari_ march mirrors


The stunning pictures are richly photographed and exude elegance and luxury.

penelope cruz campari_ december ladders


Check the Fashion Gone Rogue blog for more pictures.

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At the Art on the Hill Fair

Donald Verger Art Calendars
Donald was really fortunate to have taken part at the  incredible fair, Art on a Hill over the past weekend.  It was organized by the Society of East End Arts and  took place at the East End Community School in Portland, Maine.

Taking part in an arts and crafts show like this takes a lot of effort and can be very tiring.  But worth it.  Donald had to first go pick up his calendars from the printers!

boxes at printer_small

Shown below are the artisans busy setting up for the fair.

setup photos_small

Finally, all the booths are ready, including Donald’s.

setup photo 2_small

Then the show opened to lots of shoppers looking for unique  products by local artisans.

set up and selling_small

Some of the other artisans included lovely handmade fabric bags by Lillian whose website is  Lillianka.

fabric booth_small

This was Lois’s booth which featured beautiful pictures.

lois art on the hill

It was a grand weekend for all. Even the  4th graders at the school took part!

school calendar 2

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Sea glass is something many beachcombers enjoy collecting. The allure of  broken glass pieces  tumbled and rounded by wave action on sand and pebbles is hard to resist.  The man made fragments are pretty and stand out from the sand and shells along the beach.


Donald Verger 2013 Sea Glass Calendar

What attracts people is the thrill of the hunt.  Finding the best location for beach glass is one thing but coming across rarer colors of sea glass is perhaps the most fun of all.

Yet, one of the greatest irony about sea glass is that it is diminishing at a time when more and more people are interested in it.  That’s due to the  historical switch from glass to plastic use.  Some people try and duplicate the frosted look of sea glass by tumbling broken glass but the look of real sea glass cannot easily be achieved by artificial means.


Donald’s wonderful  calendars and postcards capture the beauty of sea glass for all to enjoy. Not just beachcombers but  those who live far away from the nearest shore.  The  lovely photographs show the everlasting beauty of sea glass.  One of my favorite calendars is this one below which shows little heart shape sea glass.  The perfect calendar for someone special!

sea glass hearts wall calendar

2013 Sea Glass Hearts Poster Wall Calendar

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Pet shelter calendars do wonders. Not only do the sales help raise money for shelter and thus feed the strays, the pictures of lovely animals waiting for a home encourage animal lovers to adopt them.  The calendars usually feature only the animals.  However, Houndstooth Studio which specializes in animal photography took a different approach for Cat Haven’s 2013 Calendar.

The calendar features not only the cats but the staff members who adopted them. Each month tells the touching story of how the cats found their new forever homes. The pictures also suggest adult cats – not just cute kittens – are highly adoptable.

With so many stray cats out there fending for themselves, shelters are constantly struggling to take in as many animals as possible and care for them until they can go to new homes. So it is comforting to see this most worthy cause.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

People know Donald as a superb photographer of art calendars. However, did you know he also produces beautiful nature inspired postcards? If you love his photographs and have many favorites, then these sets will definitely appeal.  There are now new ones in his collections to savor.

One outstanding example is the  exquisitely photographed dragonfly’s  wing from this perpetual calendar.  The stunning garden picture below really puts the glamor on hanging laundry!

There are also many beautiful postcards with landscapes such as this dawn photograph taken in New England.  There is something for everyone. It will be very hard to choose which are the best sets!

Yes, they make great postcards. But many people also frame these for their walls.  A wonderful decor idea indeed.

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Donald produces stunning floral gardens calendars like his Gardens calendars and this on celebrating Flowers.  But following the success of his all time bestseller, the Blue Hydrangea cover Perpetual calendar, he has now devoted his latest calendar to just hydrangeas!

This glorious all hydrangea art calendar will delight gardening fans who adore this flower. The pom-pom like flower heads are very showy and easily catch the eye. Donald’s photographs show the lovely varied colors gardeners can get.

Some species of hydrangea produce white flowers.  In others, the hydrangea flower color is actually determined by the pH of the soil.  Acidic conditions (pH less than 6) result in blue hydrangeas whereas alkaline soils (above pH 6) produce pink ones.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot grow the color you want!  Just enjoy all the colors in Donald’s new all hydrangea calendar!

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Nature photographers like Donald have to be in the right place and the right time to capture stunning images.  It’s all about the perfect moment and with the light just so.

One photographer who goes to extreme is the acclaimed environmental photographer, James Balog.  Once a climate change skeptic,  he has since changed his stance having seen the evidence of a rapidly warming planet for himself.

What he does is take incredible pictures and videos of the dramatic losses in polar ice.  His recent documentary, Chasing Ice opened earlier this month in select cinemas. It won the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s Excellence in Cinematography award.

The trailer shows how his breathtaking pictures were taken in a very hostile environment and under extremely challenging conditions for for both man and equipment! To say that he risked his life to take such images is putting it mildly!

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

Many people love Donald’s art photography calendars.  He has many for sale on Amazon but the consistent bestseller is the Hydrangea  Birthday Calendar which is now on sale.

It consists of 12 of some of his best pictures, all carefully chosen to depict each month. There are wintry and fall scenes as well as floral pictures for the warmer parts of the year.

It is the sort of calendar that invites  you in. The blue hydrangea cover certainly appeals to a lot of people as the color is soothing and considered a favorite by many.  The photographs are such a pleasure to look at that one will never tire of them.

Perpetual calendars like this one are used to record birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates for many years.   Someone who bought the hydrangea calendar said, “I wasn’t sure I would be able to replace my old birthday calendar that I had ruined, so I was very pleased when I found this one. It was exactly what I was looking for.”   It is indeed a beautiful birthday calendar to be treasured .

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Donald Verger Art Calendars

It is easy to see why Donald’s Year at a Glance calendars are so popular.  The single page format saves having to flip through the calendar. The overall annual view also helps put time into perspective in terms of planning and looking ahead.

His photographs are also lovely to look and best enjoyed when placed where it can be viewed often.  He has several on sale over at Amazon – all for less than $10.  So it would be easy to pick a favorite year at a glance calendar.  They also make great inexpensive gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

There are a wide variety of pictures to choose from. Donald has majestic scenes such as the above Sunlight in Yosemite Valley calendar.  Want something sentimental?  Then choose his Love calendar shown below.

His Morning Bread calendar features a delicious photograph of loaves.  Just perfect for the kitchen, don’t you think?

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Hilarious Cat Pin-Up Calendar!

Pin-up calendars depicting beautiful women have been around for a long time.  But pet pin-up calendars? Now that’s a first!

The cheeky feline calendar was a tremendously successful Lucky Pet food ad campaign created by The Jupiter Drawing Room, a South African ad agency.  South African cat lovers just couldn’t resist entering tons of pictures of their pets for the “The Purrfect Pin-up Kitty” competition.

This innovative cat beauty pageant eventually netted more than 800 photographs.  The 12 pin-up finalists were selected from the over 50,000 votes cast by the public.  The resulting calendar depicted sultry felines in a classic 1950’s style  and became a surefire seller!

Mr December, the handsome Purrsalot, was certainly a nod to equality amongst felines!

Via and via

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

The Making of Calendars

It’s not just about taking good pictures.  There is a lot more to the making of art calendars than the photography part. Donald spends a lot of time at design meetings to plan out future creations.

The production pictures of two of his most recent calendars – Storms and Gardens – are shown here.  Much of the planning can be done on computers.

He works closely with the printing press company to ensure  production moves smoothly along.  Getting the look and feel of the calendars is important so checks are made at every step.

Once printed, the calendar sheets have to be collated and cut. Then bound and stapled before being placed into crystal clear bags.  After that, it’s off to Amazon!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

A New Garden Calendar!

Donald has impeccable timing.  Just after we’ve raked the leaves and cleaned up our gardens ready for the winter, he comes out with his new 2013 Gardens Calendar!

It is as if he knows just how much die-hard gardeners and nature lovers will be missing the sight of beautiful flowers and trees and shrubs in full leaf.  It’s a long, long time to wait before spring comes round again! So the lovely calendar pictures help tide us over until our gardens reawaken. Perhaps even help us plan our plantings ahead?

Donald’s photographs show his eye for detail as he zooms in on floral close-ups and yet is able to showcase swathes of flowers.  He also captures delightful floral vignettes against different walls. A wonderful calendar for those who love color and Mother Nature’s bounty!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

Not everyone is capable of taking and making art photography calendars like Donald.  But plenty of iPhone fans love using the Instagram app to take and transform photographs with various filters. They now have the option of using the Prinstagr.am to make their own photo calendars.  It’s a service which converts 365 instagram pictures into a daily tear off calendar ($40). There are 3 layout options.

Aren’t enough photos?  Prinstagr.am allows for duplicates.   There is even an alternative service, their sister site, instagrid.me  which lets users view and save their friends and families’ pictures  and add them to the calendar.  A neat way to make full use of Instagram pictures!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

There are just a few stubborn leaves on the maple tree in my front lawn. On one hand, we want them all down so we can rake them away and get ready for the coming winter. But the rich hues of gold and amber of autumn leaves are very much part of fall’s splendor. It’s a shame to see them go.

However, we can still appreciate and enjoy the fall pictures. Donald’s calendars such as his Vermont Road Perpetual Calendar above do feature beautiful trees in all their autumn glory.

His 2013 Donald Verger Photography calendar also features this charming scene.

Donald is fortunate to live in the north east as the autumn colors there are particularly vivid. Shown here are more of his fall pictures which show his talented eye for just the right shots.  The church scene below is simply divine.

And those stubborn and oh so tardy leaves? Donald captured them perfectly encased in snow and ice!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

There are calendars, and then there are perpetual calendars.  Unlike ordinary calendars, these can be used for any year.  There are no days of the weeks so the calendars have a simple aesthetic look about them.  Why pick perpetual calendars over regular ones?  Here are 4 good reasons why they make great gifts.

Buy Them at Any Time
One great advantage is the availability of perpetual calendars year round.  You don’t have to wait until the fall and holiday buying season to get them. This means you could gift someone a perpetual calendar in April or July if that is when their birthday or anniversary is.  What’s more, if that person does not use it that year, the calendar can be saved for another year.  There is no waste and we save trees!

For Marking Anniversaries
Never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again!  People can mark down important dates they wish to remember on a perpetual calendar and hang it up somewhere where they can see it.  Perhaps in the kitchen or in their office.  A beautifully photographed perpetual calendar doubles as something decorative as well as becoming an extra memory cell!

Make Unexpected Gifts
Never be caught out again without a gift.  Imagine turning up at the family get together or other family and realizing you’ve forgotten to bring enough gifts!  Keeping a few perpetual calendars on hand is a wise move.

Universally Useful Gifts
It’s often difficult to buy a suitable gift for some people or someone whom you may not know well. You don’t know what they like and their tastes may not be the same as yours. But everyone could use a calendar!  For example you could spare a teacher yet another apple related gift come Christmas or end of school time!

Who then can say no to gorgeously illustrated calendars?  They will make great Christmas and Holiday gifts.

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon.

The Power of Storms

Powerful storms can be deadly and damaging.  Yet there is something beautiful about how Mother Nature displays her sometimes terrifying moods. The pictures  Donald took for his 2013 Stormy Weather calendar  shows that beauty but at the same time still reminds us of the power of storms.  Even in the darkest of  times, he still manages to find and hold moments of exquisite beauty and light.

Here are three of my favorites for the calendar.  They all capture the swirls of energy in the cloud patterns  and light play of the impending storms.

Dark, brooding clouds certainly do herald a deluge! Yet the glimpse of a brighter sky suggest that the storm will pass quickly.

A lightning flash brilliantly frozen in a mauve hued sky.

The swiftly rotating funnels of cloud caught on Donald’s camera hint at the possibility of tornado formation.  Scary!

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here on Amazon .

A New Member of Staff

Hello all!  My name is Pearl and I am the newest member of staff for Donald Verger Photography.  I will be helping Don with his blog from now on.

I first “met” Don through my own blog, The Beading Gem’s Journal which is all about jewelry and jewelry making.  He must have stumbled upon it because I once wrote about sea glass.  Sea glass is a  common interest.  As many of you already  know, he recently introduced  his beautiful 2013 Sea Glass Calendar  shown below.

Photography is yet another passion we share.  His professional art photography is something I much admire.  Jewelry artisans like myself often struggle to take good pictures of our work. So Don’s work is truly inspirational and something amateurs like me try to aim for.

He is also a great role model for iPhone owners like myself  because he demonstrates how top quality photographs can indeed be  taken with smart phone cameras.  Needless to say, I am now a huge fan of his art photographs and will enjoy writing about them.

Please enjoy exploring all of Donald’s photography calendars here.


Want to see how I take images with my iPhone and create stunning pictures for my calendars? Then come join me this Thursday, September 20th, at 7pm for my presentation at Apple’s Upper Westside NYC store . It promises to be a very special evening. I will also include highlights from my most recent calendars.

apple store front

Here is an excerpt from the website : “Reminiscent of the legendary work of Ansel Adams, Donald Verger’s photography is notable for its quiet, ethereal beauty and subtle nuances of light, much of it shot using only an iPhone. Join Donald to see some of his images and learn how he uses his iPhone and his Mac to create stunning images of the natural world, including his recent Sea Glass and Storms calendars.”

The Upper West Side Apple Store is one of my favorites to visit. The staff are wonderfully supportive and the atmostphere there? Energized!

I am especially pleased to share my techniques with other Apple enthusiasts on the use of  the iPhone for creating fine art and commercial photography. The image capture capabilities of the iPhone camera continue to evolve and improve and the potential for great photography is huge. This will continue wonderfully with the release this Friday of the wildly anticipated iPhone 5.


Donald Verger’s 2013 Sea Glass Calendar is now available on Amazon!  The work speaks for itself in it’s pure beauty, but the journey is an inherently gratifying part of the creation process and important to share with friends in the blogosphere.

Donald has been joining his friends on sea glass expeditions recently, discovering a love of sea glass hunting and reinvigorating his creative impulse.  Using the sea glass as a subject and arranging it in different patterns, Donald’s photographic lens tended towards the quiet allure of sea glass.  Drawing inspiration from the photographs of Josie Iselin, C.S. Lambert, and Richard LaMotte, Donald used beach combing finds to create mandala-like photographic meditations of pure sea glass.  Donald traversed beaches from Down East in Maine, Florida,  and Monterrey Bay and Ft. Bragg, California, finding sea glass in radiant reds, pure pastels, yellows, greens, and turquoise pieces.  The sea glass was placed to illuminate the pure beauty of the glass.

The calendars are available here on Amazon, along with other one page calendars.  Makes a great gift for the sea glass lover, be it in the sea glass hunting sort of love, or collecting sea glass.  If you are living outside of the United States and a fan of the Sea Glass calendar, you can use this link for calendars that can be shipped internationally.

To finding inspiration in the simple, everyday, and sublime.

Sea Glass 2013 Wall Calendar

Pre-order now on Amazon!

Donald Verger’s “Sea Glass” is available as a beautiful 11 3/4″ x 17 3/4″ vertical spiral-bound wall calendar; printed on the highest quality 100lb cover stock. In his inaugural sea glass calendar, Donald Verger displays nature’s softening of human edges. Captivated by their quiet allure, Donald approaches his representation of sea glass as he does his landscapes and flowers – with a patient watching for each moment to reveal its essential beauty. The simplest, quietest of treasures are arranged in this collection in gentle patterns, bringing life to waves of jade and cobalt, lavender, rose and the rarest of ruby and mandarin shades.


See Don’s other Sea Glass At a Glance 2013 Calendar
Sea Glass Calendars on Amazon:


Hello internet!  Donald has been quite busy recently, so apologies for the blogospheric absence.  Sometimes in the creative process it is downright impossible to separate yourself from your work.  Each photograph becomes something more than a static image:  remembering the stories of each moment captured, the details of the time and the emotions involved in getting the shot, and, specifically to this calendar, the sheer existential exhilaration of being in the epicenter of a storm.

This makes decision-making about covers particularly trying, with so much emotional attachment and lovely graphic design.  Luckily, Donald has friends (with impeccable taste) like you all to help in choosing the new Storms cover for 2013.  Donald has asked before, but the choices have changed and evolved, as things tend to in life.  You can weigh in below.  Here are the choices:


And the vote!

Thanks friends, and hope all is well until we meet again!


Change is the only constant in life, and the old adage seems to have veracity in Donald’s (printed) life these days.  The perpetual calendars have undergone something of a make-over, and now feature a swanky new back cover.  Do you like or do you love it?

If you are just tuning in and do not know about perpetual calendars, perpetual calendars are often referred to as birthday calendars or remembrance calendars.  Perpetual calendars eliminate the time-consuming task of transferring memorable dates from one yearly calendar to the next yearly calendar.  Instead of being centered around that specific year grid, perpetual calendars offer a line next to each date where you can note the importance of that day.  The new cover illustrates the way these calendars are used; as a record of birthdays, anniversaries, or things more ephemeral and time sensitive, like the apex of fall foliage in your area.  Donald’s calendars are not only utilitarian, but also timeless pieces of art, 12 signature photographs in one sleek and helpful package.

The new version of the perpetual calendars will be available soon on Amazon, and you can track the transfer to the new calendars if you would like.  Hope your Saturday is spent making perpetual calendar-worthy memories.

Donald just visited the PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas, CA, to take photographs of majestic elephants on the 2,300 acre property.  PAWS is shorthand for the group “Performing Animal Welfare Society,” and has a very interesting history.  The group was started by Pat Derby, a noted animal trainer that once trained the likes of Flipper and Lassie for their eponymous television shows.  Pat later started to realize some of the abuses and atrocities that occurred to these performing animals, and along with Ed Stewart started the PAWS organization in 1984 to provide “appropriate and humane sanctuary” for animals that have been the victim of the exotic performing animals.  They pioneered a particular elephant training called the “non-dominance” training technique that does not require the use of bullhorns, weapons, or other aversive training techniques for the eight elephants they have on the compound.  It seems like a great organization to have ties with for reasons of supporting people who are attempting to give back to the world and make a place where the suffering for all creatures is diminished, but also for the selfish reasons of getting to photograph amazing animals running around on a beautiful, wild environment.  I am sure that Donald will be posting some of his photographs on this blog or other places, but below is the link to the PAWS website, where you can learn more about the organization and meet some of the animals that live on the sanctuary.


Be sure to say tuned for more updates about Don’s travels, and may the day be inspiring to you.

Sweet Blogging Notes!

Hello blog world!  In another realm of the blogosphere, Mia T. Starr has written a nice post about Donald’s work and the way that one of his images in particular touched her and made her consider the role of the photographer.  The link is below:


Check it out!  The photograph and calendar that the blog features can be found on Donald’s Amazon Page, or by using the link below:



To lovely days, contemplative images, and thoughtful internet friends.


Another voting opportunity!  Help Donald decide which cover would be the best cover for the second edition of the wildly successful “Flowers” poster calendar series.  Poster calendars are a versatile and lovely calendar option, as the images are large enough to show the detail of the image an can be used once the year is up as a piece of fine art piece, particularly fetching if framed.  The calendars are going to press soon, so vote now and come back later to check on the results.  Once published, this calendar will be available on Amazon.  Go forth and vote, friends!

As it is now February, it is time to start on new and different creative ventures without forgetting the value of the ventures before.  The “Storms” 2012 calendar was an Amazon Best-Seller, and this years calendar should follow suit in quality, jarring but jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs.  Help from virtual friends is always welcomed, so help Donald decide what photo should make the cover by taking the poll below.  It’s hard to choose a favorite, so the odds are with you.

We’ve been talking about perpetual calendars, but what do we mean by perpetual?

Some call them birthday calendars, anniversary calendars or remembrance calendars. Unlike ordinary calendars that display a date with a corresponding day of the week, perpetual calendars show the dates of a month in a list rather than a grid. Eliminating the days of the week make these calendars functional forever, or at least until you feel like exchanging it for new images.

Here’s an example of what a page from a perpetual calendar (Birthdays and Special Events Calendar Monet Paintings by Nouvelles Images) looks like:

A lot of birthday calendars also include an extra page for notes. Donald Verger’s new perpetual/birthday calendars include a lovely note page for writing down important thoughts or events. Verger’s perpetual calendars measure 5.5″x11″ and are wire-bound on top, making hanging easy.

Valentine's Sale for Donald Verger's LOVE one page calendar on Amazon

Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart? Look no further! Donald Verger is putting his new “Love” one-page poster calendar on sale! This at-a-glance calendar displays all 12 months on one page, under a beautiful poem written on a wall. With such poetry and practicability, your loved one will swoon. And with our prices, you’ll swoon too. Available on Amazon! This sale only lasts until Valentine’s Day, so get yours before it’s gone!

"Love" 2012 at-a-glance one page calendar

Need a wedding gift?

We recently sold one of Don’s new perpetual calendars to a soon-to-be bride. The idea occurred to us to make these calendars highly available to brides or those searching for a wedding gift. The bride wrote us saying that she loved the calendar and it was a wonderful gift. She intended to use it to write down her new anniversary date because she would only have to write it down once. Unlike other calendars, a perpetual calendar eliminates the need to transfer important dates to new calendars because there are no days of the week–only the month and date. See the sample page below to get a better idea.Sample of perpetual calendar

This is how the perpetual calendar is set up. Never need to change calendars!

These calendars are so wonderful for weddings and other joyous events! You can buy one for a mother who is celebrating her baby’s first birthday. You can give one to just about anyone. Why didn’t we think of it earlier?

If you haven’t seen Don’s new collection of Perpetual Calendars (also known as birthday calendars, remembrance calendars, anniversary calendars or forever calendars), you need to. His entire collection is available on Amazon for only $4.85! Get them at this excellent price while it lasts!

Donald Verger's Dragonfly Perpetual Calendar

Buy now on Amazon!

His current best seller out of his new perpetual calendar collection is the Dragonfly Perpetual Calendar.

Unfortunately this is the only one not on sale but totally worth the price. You’ll never have to remember a birthday or important date again — any of Don’s perpetual calendars will do it for you. Forever. Which is why these make such great gifts. Check them out!

They’re here!

Donald Verger's New 2012 Yearly One Page Calendar Series!

Donald Verger’s new 2012 one page yearly calendars are finally off the press! A limited number of them have been picked up from the printers and are being shipped to those who pre-ordered on Amazon. Grab one today!

As if we were done working. In the past week, Donald has created 8 poster calendars and 11 perpetual calendars. Phew!

His new series of poster calendars includes 8 one-page yearly calendars.

Donald Verger's 2012 One Page Poster Calendar (Cherry Blossom)That simply means that all the months of the year are displayed on one page. These were made with accessibility in mind. You can frame the ONE page and see months into the future with a simple glance (maybe we should call it our “At a Glance” calendar). See his entire 2012 collection of one page calendars on Amazon!


But wait, there’s more! He’s also been busy crafting new perpetual calendars (also known as birthday, anniversary or forever calendars). These calendars aren’t traditional. They don’t have numbers displayed in a grid. The dates don’t have a corresponding day of the week. That’s what makes it so great! You can write in your grandson’s birthday, daughter’s anniversary or another important date and you’ll never have to transfer it to another calendar — it lasts forever!

A sample page from Don's new perpetual calendar

This is how every month appears in Donald Verger's new perpetual calendars. Different photo for each month, same concept.

Don’s perpetual calendar series includes 11 different covers. But don’t get confused. The insides are the same (because there really wasn’t much to change!). Just choose your favorite cover and you’ll be set for LIFE!

If you haven’t seen us on Calendars.com yet, go check us out! All of Don’s calendars are available on Amazon. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, calendars make perfect gifts (as long as your gift receiver is okay with not getting it right on Christmas day…our shipping is a bit delayed). BUT who says you need Christmas to give a gift? Calendars are a great way to give the gift of a fresh start.

Christmas Time!

Hey everyone!

Donald Verger Photography is very excited for the Christmas season. We’ve been hard at work to get all Don’s new calendars out there on Amazon and Calendars.com. They’ve been selling like hot cakes! For the first time, we’ve had to worry about keeping everything in stock (which is a good worry).

Please check out our listings on Amazon and Calendars.com; let us know if there is anything we need to fix. We’ve been running into some issues with Amazon, but with your help, we can keep our listings perfect.

And while you’re there, why not buy one of Don’s gorgeous new calendars? They make perfect gifts, especially for Christmas/New Years. I just handed out Don’s “Signature” Landscape calendar to the ladies in my office, and they flipped! They fell in love. You will too!

You’re probably asking if you are excited as we are. Most likely not, but you should be.

Don’s new 2012 calendar series is now available on Calendars.com! After much work, we finally made it happen. The good news about Calendars.com is that they ship internationally — so if you have had troubles viewing his calendars on Amazon before, worry no more!See Don's calendar collection on Calendars.com!

Stumped on what to get for your relatives for Christmas? Not anymore! Don’s calendars make a wonderful gift for any age. His stunning photography combined with the best quality paper is a great addition to any wall.

ALSO! Don has ANOTHER new calendar. “Lighthouses” is now available on Amazon. Go check it out. Tell your friends. Help us spread the word around the world!

So many new calendars! Help us choose which of these covers should be the official cover for Don’s new 2012 Lighthouse Calendar.

Lighthouse Calendar Cover Options

Donald Verger’s 2012 calendar series will be on sale on Amazon! A number of calendars from Don’s wide selection will be marked down for the biggest sale of the year — Black Friday! This sale only lasts until the end of November 25, so act fast!

Buy “Storms” for just $9.95!

Don’s new large format calendar series is on sale for $13.95 — that’s 25% off! This series includes “On the Line,” “In the Garden” and “Country Barns” as well as his self-titled landscape calendar.

Need to send a gift fast? These beautiful calendars make perfect gifts and select calendars now have the option for gift wrap. Just select “gift wrap” in the checkout option on Amazon and we’ll wrap it and insert a gift receipt so there is less hassle for you.

Happy shopping!


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It’s been a busy stretch–but Don’s 2012 Storm calendar is now at the printers! Customers who preordered on Amazon or Don’s website will receive their calendars (hopefully) by the end of next week. How excited are you?!

Right now you can vote on which barn should grace the next calendar cover.

Make sure to leave your comments here and on Facebook!

Which image would you like to see on the cover of Donald Verger’s new 2012 Storm calendar? Vote below! You can also post your comments on his facebook page about which one you like more 🙂











Donald Verger’s 2012 Flower poster and desk calendar is available for purchase. And even better, it’s on sale!  It’s on sale until September 18th, so run and get it now! Click here for the wall calendar (11×14) and here for the desk calendar (5×7).

Flowers is Donald Verger’s third calendar series, featuring the celebrated photographer’s affinity for natural blooms, like the lovely Crab Apple blossoms which grace the cover. From a whimsical country garden, to a trumpeting morning glory and a sumptuous, snow crested December rose, each month blossoms eloquently into the next. For this special edition Donald Verger Photography 2012 Flowers Calendar, Donald took inspiration from the work of the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe, who vividly portrayed the power and emotion existing in nature through her paintings of magnified flowers. This 11″ x 14″ poster calendar has been specifically designed for framing and can be displayed one month at a time, or all twelve months arranged to create a floral euphoria in your home.Donald Verger is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning photographer and Founder and President Emeritus of the world-renowned Children’s Discovery Museum and Science Discovery Museum in New England. His stunning landscape photography, reminiscent of the legendary work of Ansel Adams, is notable for its quiet, ethereal beauty and subtle nuances of light. His two inaugural calendar series feature New England landscapes and the famous Nubble Lighthouse from Maine. See Donald’s growing inventory of travel posters, also available on Amazon com. Made in the USA.

If you’ve never owned a poster calendar, you’re in for a surprise. Donald Verger’s poster calendars are created with framing in mind–you can frame and hang each month individually, or create a collage including every month. Each image is printed on high-quality paper for aesthetic appeal. Your home will be happy to have these images hanging on its walls.

Don’t wait to purchase! The sale only lasts until September 18th. The desk calendar is marked down to $9.95 and the wall calendar is only $19.95!

Look out for Donald Verger’s STORM calendar soon too. Pre-order it today on Don’s website! Keep in mind that it won’t be available until September, but by pre-ordering, you can guarantee that you’ll be one of the first people receiving this beautiful calendar.

You can begin buying his new calendar on Amazon on September 15th. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to look at the images appearing in the calendar! Head on over to Don’s website to see the calendar!

After barely escaping the tornado that hit Joplin on May 22, Donald Verger was compelled to donate over 25,000 postcards to bring peace to the people of Joplin. Since then, his urge to bring peace to people has grown.

Don wants not only Joplin residents to recover, but he longs to bring peace and healing to people all over the world. His images in hospitals (Mercy hospital to name one) are soft and quiet, with what others describe as a “healing” quality. His recent Joplin Art Project and his new website sparked a new idea to offer his images to hospitals and nonprofits all over the world. His new website offers an excellent way to buy and share images with people and companies in other countries.

If any hospital or nonprofit organization is interested in obtaining one of Donald Verger’s healing images, please contact him at info@donaldverger.com with your company/hospital’s name and reason why you should receive a print. You will receive a coupon code that you can use on Verger’s website after you choose an image. All you pay is the printing cost (you save 90%!)

Please help Donald Verger spread peace across the world today with beautiful, remedial images.

Phew. We have had a busy last few weeks! But alas, Mr. Verger’s website is up and running.

Take a look!  This is what http://donaldverger.com looks like: Donald Verger Photography

On the homepage you can see all of the recently updated galleries, but if you want to see even more photos, click on the “galleries” link on the top of his homepage. Oh! And feel free to “like” or tweet any photo.

Let us know your thoughts on his new website!

Click to read about Verger’s work at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine.

He was also recently featured on AndreaBrand.com

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

Donald Verger’s 2012 Flower Poster Calendar is on SALE! Take advantage of this deal while it lasts (until July 31).

5×7 desk calendar: $15  $9.95

11×14 poster calendar: $28 $19.95

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

Donald Verger would like to thank WGME anchor Kim Block for her care and support of the Joplin Art Project. She was very dedicated to telling the story, and Don is very grateful for her support.

To see the interview and story, click here.

NOTE: Don reported that this link does not work on the iPhone. Feel free to watch it on a computer!

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

Darleen: How did you hear about what happened in Joplin? What was your response?

Crystal: I don’t have much time for TV and catch most of my news online or from family and friends. I remember hearing about a tornado in Missouri last month. However, I didn’t realize the level of destruction. I was more informed recently via Donald Verger’s Facebook account.

When did you decide to donate?

When I was reading about the Joplin Art Project via Donald Verger’s tweeted links on Twitter. I was deeply moved and my heart ached for those children and their families affected by the tornado. It wasn’t a question of whether or not I was going to give when I read what Donald was doing. It was an automatic yes. I love children and if I can provide reading material they will enjoy that can transport them to a magical place during a tragic time, I am going to do so! If my family were in the same situation and it was my daughter’s school that was affected, I would want someone to do the same for her.

What are you donating, specifically?

The school system in Joplin was drastically affected by the tornado and they are in great need. I am donating 30 signed copies of my book BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale to an elementary school in Joplin. I am sending them along with a postcard from the person who inspired me to do so, Donald Verger.

How do you think students at the Joplin schools will benefit from your donation?

I hope to encourage and inspire the children. An author many, many miles away from them cares about them. Perhaps my book can provide a little escape from their everyday stresses and hopefully create a lasting memory of hope.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

I have donated single books to schools, but never this amount of books to one school. I am a giver by nature and I have donated to other worthy causes. Someday, I believe to give on the level that Donald Verger does.

How did Donald Verger’s Joplin Art Project inspire you? What are your thoughts about the project?

Donald’s Joplin Art Project is an amazing project. It isn’t everyday that a super busy, talented, world famous photographer takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to give back. Donald Verger created a series of postcards that inspire peace and hope and is sending 25,000 of them to Joplin survivors. He has an open invitation to other artists and individuals to join the Joplin Art Project by using their creative talents to help support the people of Joplin. I thought this is right up my alley. I am a children’s book author and Joplin schools are in need of books.

How would you encourage other artists to participate?

I would ask them to look deep within themselves and ask this question. If it was your child, your family, your loved ones, your hometown, you, would you want someone to lend a helping hand? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself what it is that you could to for Joplin and remember anything helps.

Is there anything else you would like to say or add?

Thank you for providing a way for me to give on a level that I am able presently. It means so much to me to be able to help out. I pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding for Joplin’s residents.

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

Donald Verger began the Joplin Art Project with the desire to help Joplin’s tornado victims the best way he could—through his art. He didn’t have any idea that he would inspire other artists from around the country to join in his effort and bring peace to affect residents. Children’s book author Crystal Marcos, from Washington State, is donating some of her own books to a Joplin elementary school because of Don’s influence.

With help from Don, Crystal will send 30 copies of her book, BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale to an elementary classroom.

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

The Joplin Art Project is underway! Don already sent thousands of his “Peace & Hope for Joplin” postcards to Joplin Schools, the American Red Cross and St. John’s Hospital.

And now he is sending thousands more to Ozark Center, Freeman Health Systems in Joplin. The marketing assistant spoke with the director and decided that the best way to use Don’s beautiful postcards would be to sell them—the proceeds will go towards their employee disaster relief fund. The tornado affect over 400 employees, according to the marketing assistant.

Don is pleased that he can help and is aware of the great service they are doing helping people heal.
 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

The new website for Joplin Art Project has launched, along with its new Twitter! Make sure you check it out and leave your comments.

Don has already brought a little peace to the people of Joplin through this project. Let him know if he has brought you peace by posting a comment on his Facebook page. He would love to hear what you think!

The Joplin Art Project is doing exciting things—stay tuned for more updates! Fellow artists wanting to contribute are encouraged to stop by the website and leave their thoughts and ideas.

 See Don’s website here. Learn more about the Joplin Art Project. Watch Don’s interview on WGME. Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster. View Don’s Google profile. Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald. Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

Hi, this is Darleen blogging for Donald Verger.

After nearly perishing in the Joplin tornado, Don decided to give back by donating postcards as part of the Joplin Art Project. The Joplin Globe, as well as other publications, mentioned his recover efforts.

One of his “Peace & Hope for Joplin” postcards appeared recently in Time Square, as you can see below.

Stay tuned for more updates with the project. If you would like to help, e-mail Don at info@donaldverger.com

See Don’s website here. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.
Learn more about the Joplin Art Project.
Click to buy his 2012 11×14 flower poster.
View Don’s Google profile.
Click here to read about Don in the Joplin Globe and Press Herald.
Watch his interview with Kim Block or see his escape from the Joplin tornado.

I am in Oklahoma for 10 days in America’s heartland photographing the skies and chasing  storms. I just heard that conditions are favorable for supercell formation. Severe storm warnings are possible. I love storm chasing! I have my three cameras loaded and ready to capturing the stormy skies. I find the patterns, the colors, the ever changing cloud formations fascinating.

I had to punch through a huge hail storm to take pictures from the other side. And it was totally worth it. I snapped a shot of my first tornado Elephant Trunk.

All images copyright Donald Verger Photography.



Don Verger at the Fine Art and Gift Market

Support local gifting! See Don Verger at the Fine Art and Gift Market this weekend.

We hope your holiday shopping is going well, and we want to let you know that you can support artisans from all over New England, including Donald Verger, this weekend at the Seacoast Fine Art and Gift Market in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Don will have his Fine Art Photography Calendars, prints, cards, and jewelry by his lovely Lois. Can’t make it to the gift market? You can shop from anywhere, by searching for Don on Amazon, Calendars.com, and visiting his own website.

Friday December 10, 12-5pm

Saturday December 11, 10am-5pm

Sunday December 12, 10am-5pm

For more information, check out www.seacoastink.com.

Donald Verger Fine Art Photography Poster Calendar December

December in Donald Verger's 2011 Fine Art Photography Poster Calendar

Donald Verger and his lovely Lois will be at the East End Community School this afternoon on beautiful Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine, selling their wares at a Holiday Sale that will run the weekend, starting tonight. See below for the location and details.

Don is offering his Fine Art Photography Poster Calendars of the Nubble Lighthouse, Acadia, and other beautiful New England places. Lois will be selling amazingly beautiful earrings and beads made by a process that has taken her 3 years to perfect. The jewelry encapsulates Donald Verger’s photography into wearable pieces of art.

Stop by and say hello!

Holiday Sale with the Society of East End Arts

East End Community School, Portland


6 to 9 p.m. Friday

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday

11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday

1st Girls Night Out Shopping Spree, 4-7 pm November 4, 2010

Mercy Hospital, Fore River Campus. 175 Fore River Parkway, Portland Maine

Bass Harbor Headlight, the November image from Don Verger 2011 Poster Calendar.

Bass Harbor Headlight (Acadia National Park, Maine), the November image from the Donald Verger 2011 Poster Calendar.

Donald Verger has enjoyed a long-lasting, caring fondness for Mercy Hospital’s mission and supports the organization whenever he gets a chance. He’ll be participating in a Vendor Fair in the lobby of the gorgeous new Fore River Mercy Hospital campus, and donating 100% of the proceeds to the hospital’s cause. For that matter, all vendors at this fair are donating proceeds from their sales to the hospital, so there’s a lot of good work (and shopping) be be done!

Don was saying earlier today that it will be interesting to sell his Fine Art Photography Poster Calendars only a stone’s-throw away from his permanent gallery around the corner, a space that was dedicated to his mother that rotates with fresh works of photography about 4 times a year. He plans to rotate the current offerings out in January, so the fair this Thursday will be a good opportunity to catch these beautifully framed, large-format pieces before the new ones come in.

Want a peek at those Fine Art Photography Poster Calendars? You can see them on Calendars.com, Amazon.com, and of course, at his website, donaldverger.com.

Donald Verger has been sending the most incredible storm photos from the midwest. He insists that these supercells weren’t scary, but that they were beautiful. The photographs are definitely sublime.


They’re the sort of thing you’ve come to expect from Don, large skies and beautiful compositions like those found in his calendars. As always, you can check him out on Calendars.com, Amazon, and at donaldverger.com.


Donald Verger

Donald Verger, balancing dark and light. Capturing vastness and the sublime.

Don Verger captures bright fields and dark skies.

Don Verger captures bright fields and dark skies.

Donald Verger Captures the Gigantic Iowa Sky

Light and dark, sky and land. Donald Verger captures the vastness of the Iowa sky.

Donald Verger captures two supercells.

Donald Verger captures two supercells. Sends them to his Gal Friday saying, "Not scary, beautiful."

Don Verger captures a field and menacing clouds.

Don Verger captures a field and menacing clouds.


Into the Storm

It's all about perspective- A tiny farm in a under a sea of clouds.

Donald Verger captures a small farm under a sea of clouds.

Sublime, Beautiful Clouds over Texas. The sun is peeking from miles away.

Don is in all his glory where clouds, light, texture, and movement make for a beautiful composition.

Donald Verger's Storm Photos from Texas

Don Verger, approaching a storm earlier today.
Storm Photographs from Texas

Donald Verger Captures the Great Big Stormy Skies in Texas

Hey all, Anne here again. That’s right, Donald Verger is on a plane in the Wild West, giddy about photographing angry skies, thunder storms, and TORNADOS. We’ll keep you posted and give you first looks at the photographs Don gets from this amazing trip.

Hi there from Donald’s assistant, Anne. Thought you’d like to see and read what Don’s been up to lately.

We’re fresh from an interview with calendars.com- Don will be featured in their blog about special calendars they offer. We’re so happy to have Don’s 2011 Fine Art Poster Calendar available through such a well renowned website where many beautiful calendars are available- and now they’ve decided to add the Nubble Light calendar to their repertoire as well.

Don has been busy taking roadtrips and new photographs. He was in Acadia last week and at present is in western Vermont. He’s been taking advantage of peak foliage time and the beautiful mild weather we’ve been having. Here’s a new photo for you to enjoy, taken at Frenchmans Bay in Acadia National Park, “Frenchmans Bay at Dawn.”

He’s already thinking about the 2012 Calendar season, and is planning an all-Acadia National Park calendar and assembling botanical photographs for an all flower calendar.

If you love Donald Verger’s photography, and can think of a themed calendar from his collection, let us know! If there’s a gallery in your town where you think Don’s 2011Poster Calendars should be available, we’re all ears.

Frenchmans Bay, Acadia copyright Donald Verger 2010

Frenchmans Bay at Sunrise

Donald Verger to be at Art in the Garden with his Nature Photography Calendars!

Donald Verger Nature Photography Poster Calendars Available!

2011 Donald Verger Nubble Lighthouse Calendar

2011 Donald Verger Nubble Lighthouse Calendar

Hello photography enthusiasts! It’s Don’s Girl Friday, Anne, again. I just spoke with Don on the phone this weekend as he was making his way home from ‘the county.’ He had set out very early in the morning to photograph potato blossoms (’tis the season already!) and as it is with Don, he makes friends wherever he goes. This trip was no exception, as an Amish family befriended him immediately and let him photograph potato blossoms on their farm.

Don and Lois have just buttoned up the Yarmouth Clam Festival and are now already thinking about York Craft Days, coming up August 7 and 8 at the York Beach Ball Field. The Donald Verger Nubble Light Calendar, the only all-Nubble Calendar in the world from what we can tell, premiered at the Clam Festival and will be available at this event as well.

Whether you call it the Cape Neddick Light or the Nubble Lighthouse, it’s a dear and hallowed landmark for many people, especially Donald Verger. This fine art photography calendar is comprised of carefully curated photographs taken over many years.

All are notable, though one in particular comes from the Patriots Day Storm of 2007 when Don rushed to the Nubble before the road was closed and managed to take 7000 photographs over a 2 day period. He captured the little stalwart light being buffeted by gigantic waves and was the only photographer out there for the storm.

Don and Lois hope to see you at the York Craft Days, where Lois will have her beautiful sea glass jewelry and other pieces, and where Don’s Fine Art Photography Calendars and Nubble Lighthouse Calendar will be available.

Visiting Yarmouth’s Clam Festival yesterday, I drove down a street lined with chairs. The bright colors and patterns were striking, and I was moved to get out of my car barefoot and shoot photographs with my iPhone 4. I still can’t thank Steve Jobs enough for the incredible technology and freedom that my iPhone gives me! The chairs wait patiently, there since this past Sunday, for the parade at the Clam Festival.

After taking these photographs I called J.S. McCarthy Printers, my incredible print shop whose team has done a wonderful job with my fine art poster calendars, and asked them if they could do a post card within a few days so I could offer this year’s images right at this year’s Clam Festival. They’re so great and quick, I’ll have the post cards for sale at our table on Friday.

Lois and I will be at the Clam Festival tonight from 6pm to 8pm, Friday and Saturday from 9am to 9pm, and on Sunday from 9am to 5pm among the crafts vendors. I’m proud to present my latest effort, a 5×7 2011 Desk Poster Calendar of the Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light) that includes 5 of my most stunning photos of this most famous light in York Beach, Maine. Of course I’ll also have my 2011 fine art nature photography poster calendars (wall and desk size) as well, featuring pictures mostly from Maine but also from around other states in New England.

The poster calendars all come up in the top ten results if you search for “2011 photography calendars” on Amazon, something I’m very excited about. Doing such searches and clicking on my items in Amazon helps with this, and I appreciate your support when you search on Amazon or Google for me and my calendars.

See you at the Clam Festival! Remember to come by and say hello to Lois and I, and see Lois’ unusual and beautiful sea glass jewelry, her little treasure boxes tied with ribbon and filled with beautiful sea glass we found while walking the beaches in Maine, and her very special photography pins that make tiny show pieces of both of our photography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HI there from Don’s assistant, Annie B.

In good news Don’s calendar is searching well on both Google and Amazon, meaning the world is finding him. If you go to Amazon now and type in, “photography calendars” or “2011 calendars” he’s in the top results. You could also click here to see his listings on Amazon. Also, if you have an opinion about his photography, he’d be so grateful if you’d write a review on Amazon. Every review counts, and your words could mean another sale and another happy person with a bit of New England on their wall.

Don has returned from traveling in Newfoundland, taking more fantastic photographs of seascapes, boats, flowers and fishing villages. He says that he and Lois will be back in time for the clam festival in Yarmouth. I’m sure he has lots of stories from this trip- I know I’ve been enjoying the picture texts of otherworldly lighthouses on craggy coasts and behemoth, floating icebergs. (I also know he’ll be glad to return to the realm of plentiful wifi.)

Thought it’d be nice to gather Don’s many interests and endeavors on Squidoo in one page, especially about the 2011 Donald Verger Poster Calendar, about which I’m very excited. There’s a guest book at the bottom, tell us what you think. The Poster Calendar is available on Amazon, and it’s a beautiful collection of some of his most famous images such as “Dawn of Peace” and others. I’m sure collectors of Ansel Adams and Linnea Calendars, lovers of fine art photography and nature photography will find these to be equally as stunning. Did I mention they’re framable? Bet you never thought of a calendar as an heirloom, but this one is.

Donald’s inaugural 2011 Poster Calendars rank high on Amazon.

You can find Donald’s lovely new calendars by searching at Amazon

You can search – 2011 photography calendars –
2011 Maine calendars
2011 fine art calendars
Poster calendars.

Don’s frameable month by month calendars – 1 11×14 and the other a 5×7 desk or wall calendar

Often sit high in the rankings and besides works by Ansel Adams – the art of Monet – offered by The Museum of Fine Art Boston

And The Calendars by The Metropolitan Museum

And prould next to the renowned Poster Calendars of Linnea Design
Which Mr Verger owns and loves.

You can also enjoy the growing comments describing the calendars.

We hope you search them on Amazon
And help spread the word.

A third calendar is in design 🙂
And please stay tuned to it’s announcement.