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We are delighted with the publication of the second edition of Donald’s most beloved books, Of Love and Sea Glass.  It is one of the most popular books to gift with a 5 star rating on Amazon.  There have been 90 reviews to date!


Here is a small selection of wonderful reviews from those who clearly treasure the book.

“I have two of these books… one for my home and other for my office where I do therapy/counseling. Clients love it, guests love it, and I love it!! Incredible color, designs, inspiring quotes!! Very creative and heart felt art! You will not be disappointed with this purchase, whether it be for yourself, or a gift for a friend, loved one, coworker, etc.”– sj31

of love and sea glass 2

“Soft, touchable, texture that has to be held in your hand and in your heart. This is what Don’s photography evokes. He lives his life in tune with nature and with an artist’s eye he captures beautiful images that will transport you to the exact spot he stood behind his camera. He inspires me daily with his beautiful calendars and I can’t wait to read the inspirational quotes he has paired with the beautiful sea glass.”– catiejan

of love and sea glass 3

“A small gem….just like a piece of sea glass. Beautiful and inspirational quotes with photos of sea glass, stone and flowers artistically laid out. Very sweet.” – AMKof love and sea glass 4

“This lovely book was a Christmas gift from my daughter. Between the pages are beautiful images of sea glass, flowers and thought provoking words. I purchased and gave this book to a seriously ill friend, hoping to not only cheer her but to share the beauty found between the pages, beauty for the eye and words for reflection. She loves the book as much as I do. I return to it frequently and find delight each time. Well done, Mr. Verger, and thank you.”   – Florence WileySeaGlass_back

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