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Donald’s second book, the I LOVE YOU book of poetry for young children has exceeded all expectations.  More than 1000 of the books have been sold in the first few weeks on Amazon!  The book is perfect not just for children but for grandparents, parents and other members of the family and friends who wish to bond with the little ones. For Christmas, for birthdays and for Valentine’s Day!

board book

The hardback book is suitable for older children whereas the new board book version is best for babies and toddlers.

It’s not difficult to see why the book has been such a hit.  Shown here are a selection of the heartfelt reasons from reviewers :

“This book is sure to win awards and become THE coveted baby book; the first one you share with your child or grandchild. I loved reading this sweet treasure to my little ones and they looked up at me beaming, saying,'”I LOVE YOU” back to me! Such sweet moments were created in sharing this book. I hope Mr. Verger writes more children’s books. I own all the classics like Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love you and this beats them all, hands down. It’s poignant and sweet and speaks to the child’s heart. What better gift to give your little one than “I Love YOU!”” – Heidi Ciampa

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“”But it’s you I love most of all”… What a spectacular message to send to our children. We can never love our children enough & and this book supports just that! Way to go Verger- if a child feeling unconditionally loved & a reminder to parents how much we should be loving, embracing & reading to our children were the objectives, they were certainly accomplished! The photography is amazing, vivid and so real- I felt as if I was there! Well done… I know what I’m getting my son for Valentine’s Day.” – Mary Kerwin

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“A beautiful book lovingly created by a gifted photographer. My daughter, who is learning to read, loves practicing with this book.” – Kara Douglas

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“What a beautiful book with such a lovely message for children. My 4 year old loves the pictures and we really enjoy reading this this together. What a heartwarming book. And so happy to see the new board book version, which is wonderful for our new (destructive) baby!” – sj31

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“This book was written for children. I think it is ageless. I wish I could have read it to my Grandmother but she is no longer with us. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. Being a Grandmother myself I can see why the author was ‘inspired’ to write it. His love shines through every page. I have given my Grandchildren a copy. Hope when they are in their teen years they will still read it and understand how much I love them. Thank you Donald Verger.” – Junie Bug

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Donald’s latest book, the “I Love You” compilation of poetry and beautiful pictures for children is growing in popularity in leaps and bounds! Sales have skyrocketed! The books have been shipped to many corners of the US and have even crossed the ocean to Europe!

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It is not surprising to see why. This little book is a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, for new mothers at baby showers and for grandparents to have when little ones visit. The love that is expressed while reading such emotionally powerful as these bedtime stories is something to be treasured.

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We are all excited because the Boston Globe recently introduced Donald’s new book of poetry for children! The book is selling well!  Please check out the special Facebook Page for this book.

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