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A Year to Love : 2016 Heart Calendar is out!

A very, very special calendar just came out! Donald Verger’s A Year to Love : 2016 Heart Calendar is a labor of love. Exquisite and unique series of heart photographs, one for each month, grace this calendar.

heart calendar cover

The hearts are made from careful arrangements of sea glass, sea shells and other treasures from the sea, flowers, stones and pebbles and even red chili peppers! The calendar is a lovely gift for loved ones – an enduring present where favorite hearts can be framed afterwards.

heart calendar 1

heart calendar 2

heart calendar 3

heart calendar 4

heart calendar 5

heart calendar 6

heart calendar back

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Donald Verger’s 2016 Signature Calendar is the reason why we continue to be excited. This is a wonderful collection of his best known photographs. They celebrate the seasons with his gorgeous photographs. Peaceful landscapes, beautiful sunflowers, winter leaves and farm scenes all grace this calendar.

signature cover

On the cover is his famous Dawn of Peace image. Other photographs include those taken at many different scenic locations such as Yosemite and Acadia National Park, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, the lush farmland of the Palouse area, Vermont, Maine, Big Sur California and even Ireland.

signature calendar 1

Donald’s ability to capture memorable pictures and his keen eye for selecting just the right image for each month makes this a special calendar indeed.

signature calendar 2

signature calendar 3

signature calendar 4

signature calendar 5

signature back

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We are so excited. Donald Verger’s 2016 Fine Art Sea Glass Calendar is now out. It is filled with gorgeous sea glass photographs taken in his inimitable style. Many new compositions which are sure to delight! The sea glass for each and every one has been arranged in a meditative, and seasonally appropriate, manner.

2016 sea glass calendar cover

The sea glass has been arranged into different shapes like hearts, meditative spirals, flowers and even a turtle. All with careful choices of color. Truly treasures from the sea!

2016 sea glass calendar 1

These art photographs can also be framed for home decor.   Last year this calendar was the most reviewed calendar on Amazon and we think this year will be just the same.

2016 sea glass calendar 2 2016 sea glass calendar 3 2016 sea glass calendar 4 2016 sea glass calendar 5 2016 sea glass calendar back

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