We are so excited that the I LOVE YOU children’s book of love and poetry, is now  available as board book.  Just like the hardback version, the board book is similar in size. These are small books measuring just under 6 inches by 6 inches – perfect for little hands to hold.

portland museum of art_book 3

The I LOVE YOU books make perfect gifts to families with young ones as the beautiful photographs and simple words impart so much warm sentiment and love.

So as these books are bound to be family favorites,  the board book version makes sense as these are durable books. Board books are printed on thick paperboard for both the cover and the interior pages.

board book

Little children can not only be read the book but they can also grasp and play with them, too. They will learn at a young age how books can convey stories and hopefully embark on a life long journey book appreciation.


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We have more of Donald’s beautiful calendars and gorgeous prints on the way to Amazon! Here are some behind the scenes photos at the printing studio who create the high quality prints from Donald’s original photography.

It takes considerable teamwork from graphic designing to precision printing to produce the distinctive style of calendars, note cards and prints which Donald has come to be known for.  His vision of using photography to project beauty, calm and sentiment makes his work a consistent favorite on Amazon.

See his work on Amazon here.



Reading to children from the time they are babies is a good thing.  There are so many reasons why. But here are the 5 top benefits.

Light Final Cover


The shared and nurturing activity is a chance to spend quality time with the child. Closeness also helps bond or cement a very important relationship. Books such as the I LOVE YOU book is a way to reaffirm the love you have for them. (The board book version will be out in a couple of weeks in time for Christmas and the holidays)

The child learns at a very young age to appreciate books. They realize books can be a wonderful source of information and fun. Children who grow to love books often demand several re-readings of favorite books. This helps them improve memory retention and understanding. They also learn how books are read – from left to right – and that the text explains what the pictures are about.

Reading aloud to children promotes and reinforces language skills. Many studies have shown that children who were read to in their preschool years do much better academically later on. Having a good foundation of language skills is key to understanding subjects like science and so on.

book cover


Engaging with young children during reading sessions encourages them to talk and express themselves. The activity also teaches them how to interact with others through language.

Young children tend to have a short attention span. So reading to them helps them focus and concentrate. Over time, the children learn to sit still for longer periods of time. These subtle lessons in self-discipline will serve them well as they enter their school years.

The I LOVE YOU book is now available as a hardback as well as a board book making it idea for young children.

We are very excited!  Our new  beautiful, elegant folded notecards are now available on Amazon.  These are different from our postcard selections as these come with matching envelopes.  Perfect to use as thank you notes, invitations, greeting cards and so on.  But we are not sure which colors are best.  Can you help out and vote for your favorite matching envelope color?

stone heart notecards

Blue, Green or Gold Envelopes?

The blue is serene. The green is peaceful and the gold, elegant.  Which would you choose?  Many thanks!Which Matching Envelope Color Do You Like Best?

Donald Verger excels at creating images which express love – all without any words. Over the years, his artistic aspirations have resulted in several original heart art photographs. The hearts have been lovingly assembled from all sorts of materials such as flowers, sea glass, sea shells and even chili peppers!

heart calendar cover

The 2016 A Year to Love calendar is a truly special new calendar as it showcases the very best of his heart series. Every month is an expression of love, making this calendar a wonderful gift for loved ones everywhere.

The Sea Glass 2016 calendar is also a continuance of his artistic endeavors with the sea glass theme. Donald’s sea glass calendars are a perennial favorite of many.

2016 sea glass calendar cover

Donald is best known for his landscape and other nature inspired photography. These appear in another annual favorite, the Signature calendar.

signature cover

A very, very special calendar just came out! Donald Verger’s A Year to Love : 2016 Heart Calendar is a labor of love. Exquisite and unique series of heart photographs, one for each month, grace this calendar.

heart calendar cover

The hearts are made from careful arrangements of sea glass, sea shells and other treasures from the sea, flowers, stones and pebbles and even red chili peppers! The calendar is a lovely gift for loved ones – an enduring present where favorite hearts can be framed afterwards.

heart calendar 1

heart calendar 2

heart calendar 3

heart calendar 4

heart calendar 5

heart calendar 6

heart calendar back

Donald Verger’s 2016 Signature Calendar is the reason why we continue to be excited. This is a wonderful collection of his best known photographs. They celebrate the seasons with his gorgeous photographs. Peaceful landscapes, beautiful sunflowers, winter leaves and farm scenes all grace this calendar.

signature cover

On the cover is his famous Dawn of Peace image. Other photographs include those taken at many different scenic locations such as Yosemite and Acadia National Park, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, the lush farmland of the Palouse area, Vermont, Maine, Big Sur California and even Ireland.

signature calendar 1

Donald’s ability to capture memorable pictures and his keen eye for selecting just the right image for each month makes this a special calendar indeed.

signature calendar 2

signature calendar 3

signature calendar 4

signature calendar 5

signature back


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